The GUI for MacPorts: Port Authority 1.1

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Port Authority provides a graphical user interface for the MacPorts package management system for Mac OS X. MacPorts is a powerful command-line tool for installing and updating a variety of Unix-based applications for the Mac. Its power, though, comes at the cost of some complexity; in the past the only way to utilize MacPorts was to type in various commands into the Mac's Terminal application, which can be intimidating for those users without a Unix background.

Port Authority aims to bring the power of MacPorts to the traditional Mac user by providing a user-friendly graphical interface to MacPorts. Using a familiar combination of windows, icons, and menus, Port Authority users can search, install, update, and remove MacPorts programs and the MacPorts infrastructure itself.


Why Port Authority?

To Install

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What's New

This version of Port Authority is verison 1.1, released September 5, 2006. Port Authority is supported only on Mac OS X 10.4 ("Tiger").

A universal binary, version 1.1 has the following changes:

Current Version: 1.1

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4; Developer Tools; MacPorts installation

Download a Free 30-Day Demo

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Download a Free 30-Day Demo

Buy Now! Only $18.75!

Download Free Updater (for Paid Users of Version 1.0/Aqua)

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